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Class Sept - I find taking part int he tai chi class beneficial to my health in many ways.  Balance, posture and general fitness.  Focusing my mind on the form helps me relax from the stresses of the day. Thanks Cathy

Seminar - Sept Thank you so much for another very enjoyable seminar, in fact I think that this was possibly the best yet.  I find tai chi enormously beneficial, relaxing the mind and invigorating the body.  Having been suffering from stress, tai chi is the perfect activity to regain mental balance, especially in such a welcoming and safe environment.   Carole

Class - Aug Tai chi is an excellent discipline, good for the body, mind and well being.  Its very sociable too. Sue

Seminar & Class Aug I really enjoyed the session.  Just what I needed, plenty of practice on the form interjected with lots of little snippets of individual sections.  Suited me and my needs just right.  Ray

Seminar & Class - Aug Tai chi takes me out of myself enabling me to focus on the moment and relax.  I like to think it keeps me fit as well!

WI Feedback - From a talk and demonstration Sept 2018 - Thank you for coming along last night.  The ladies had a great evening and especially enjoyed the practical session.  They left at the end of the evening feeling more chilled and relaxed than they did when they arrived!  

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